Madcap Minicab Motorway Madness..

The end of the day, a weary worker sits in splendiferous Scotrail surrounds singing southerly as it trundles towards his stop.

Alighting, his mind is drawn to his onwards journey. Should he perhaps sojourn to the front of the station to procure a conveyance for hire? Maybe to the Main Street he should strut in search of salvation. Many and varied are his options regarding minicabs.

What he should not do, however, is pile in his own car and drive 15 miles north from where he started his commute home to buy one.

And that, ladies and gentlemen is the crux of the matter.

It all started with an advert on a website that rhymes with Bumscree. Logged for his attention on the Monday morning,  a hopeful email including contact details was constructed at lunch. No more was thought of the electronic hope sent, until he recieved a call from the owner of said chariot in the mid afternoon.

Discussions were had, and the owner let slip that his contact was the first, so he would entertain the idea of holding the car until a viewing was made. Herein lies a lesson in the advantages of constructing a cordial correspondance containing contact details conducive to communication.

Prior engagements with an oven belonging to the parents required attending to on the Monday evening, so reluctantly a plan was struck to contact the vendor after close of business on Tuesday. If the car was still available, I would take a short schlep up the road to view it.

And so it came to pass that I summoned the courage to ask SWMBO to run me to view the car in the Clio 172. Alarmingly, there was little trouble, although the thought of dinner (more on that later) on me was probably helping to thole it.

What did you buy, I hear you cry? Only a flippin Skoda Octavia 1.9tdi hatchback! King of the Rank am I.

Anyway, without further ado, here she is:


I do love a potential purchase sitting in inspirational surroundings..

The vender was spot on, happy for me to raid about the car looking for all the common Octavia faults..

Central locking working off the key? Check!
Windows all operational in both up and down directions? Check!
Bootlid handle functioning? Check!

So far so good.

Time to fire her up. She’d been sitting for a week, but one heat of the plugs and away she went.. settling down to a laggy idle with accompanying belt squeal.

The vendor had mentioned that the brakes had gone to pot on the last trip they made, and it does look like new discs and pads would be in order to get them spot on again.

All the interior gubbins and lights functioned well, so no cause for concern there, and the instrument cluster was happily free of the common foibles re a lack of speedo and display. The fuel guage also showed a pleasing 3/4 of a tank present and correct

After the transfer of funds, a call to the insurance company (open til 9pm!) To swap over and we were off.

A short dauner down the a9/m9 brought us to Stirling, and we set off in search of food..


One of these has twice the power of the to guess which is which?


That said, the lower power one does a good line in mpg..

I suggested a local Burger joint that I’d been to previously ( so we wandered up.

On arrival, we asked if they were still serving food- despite us being 5mins past kitchen closing time, they were happy to accommodate us- It was nice to experience such good customer service!

The grub was great- the “Born in the USA” is a personal favourite-so well worth a visit.


Well worth a visit if you're in Stirling


Car buying is hungry work

Food shovelled, it was time to return to the cars and set off home. I took the opportunity to peruse my purchase- let me know what you think..


Right at home in the Rankesque parkin bay..


The angle other drivers see! Note the damage to the boot hatch and the bumper



Expert mirror repair!

Enough of the outside-let us marvel at palatial environs of the interior..

It may need some work!


Nothing a jetwash won't sort


On second thoughts, maybe a trip to the valeters will be in order..


Or the infectious diseases ward..

Nevermind,  a hoover should sort it out, and you have to keep your eyes on the prize!

The 1.9 non PD tdi lump found in the car does two things exceptionally well- sip fuel and munch veg oil!

Roll on mega miserley motoring


None too shabby


Despite the mess, I agree with the key! It's FAB

Until the next installment, that’ll be £12.30.

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