Becoming the Alfa Male

On Thursday last week, myself and ra burd took the scenic route up to Callander for some superb posh pie action. About 10 mins into the trip we passed by a pretty Alfa at the side of the road, and I thought to myself “hmm, never owned one of them”.

Anyway, the trip passed without incident, and we returned home much as we left.

Fast forward 3 days, and we were back on the same road, this time en route to collect the Alfa Romeo 156 1.8 Twin Spark that I had spotted earlier. It had appeared on Gumtree at a most enticing price, so it would have been rude not to.

Almost looks Posh, eh?

Almost looks Posh, eh?


The oft spotted 156

I had to buy it as it seemed in good order and the price was far to good to refuse! Even ra Burd was heard to remark “that interior is nice”. and it was, bar the guff and mank contained therein.

It was immediately pressed into service as I followed the 306 to a shopping experience that allowed procurement of essential Alfa 156 cleaning products amongst other things.

Have you ever seen a more aspirational car park?

Have you ever seen a more aspirational car park?

That done, it was time to head back to the ranch for a good check over the latest purchase.

I Made a video of it, outlining what the plans are – you can view it on the tubes of You here – Fu’Gutty Cars Alfa 156 intro

Externally, things are positive!

Not too bad from the front..

Not too bad from the front..

Or from the rear..

Or from the rear..

Initial inspections suggest that the bodywork is in remarkably good condition – with only 2 bumper scuffs (1 front, 1 rear) and a stonechip on the bonnet as areas of concern. Certainly with a small amount of paint, and some elbow grease she should come up lovely


Internally – Those of you with a nervous disposition – please look away now!



Original mats - in dire need of a rug doctor!

Original mats – in dire need of a rug doctor! (this has been hovered already)

Looking a fair bit better

Looking a fair bit better

A goodly haul of treasure!

A goodly haul of treasure!

Passenger seat/footwell prior to cleaning

Passenger seat/footwell prior to cleaning

And after

And after

It took approx. 2hrs to get the interior and boot into a condition that meant you could sit in it without twitching. To get an idea of how bad it was, the pic below shows what was removed from the passenger seat and door card..

Oh dear!

Oh dear!

Cleaning done it was time to make a list of the faults to sort.

First up was the interior:

Rev counter disconnected (as explained in the video) and binnacle cover missing. These will need swapped out.

Driver’s window control button missing – needs replaced

Lower dash Trim panel (hides the fuses) is missing – needs replaced

Aftermarket Stereo fitted – surround is missing.

Boot – Trim panels need re attaching properly.

Like its got a black eye..

Like its got a black eye..

Other than that, the interior is in great condition- even moreso when you consider the mess it was in.

Externally, the bodywork is in great condition for a 2002 car – only points to note are:

Stonechip and rust on the leading edge of the bonnet

Faded Alfa badge on the Grille

Parking scuff on RHS of front bumper

Parking scuff on LHS of rear bumper

Light scratching to bootlid.

Both front door push buttons sticky.

I reckon most of it can be attended to easily, and for minimal outlay.

On the mechanical front:

Oil service for the 1.8 Twin spark

New air filter

Coolant service and thermostat (car appears to be running cool – only warms up when stationary, a common known fault)

Identify cause of front end rattle – likely lower arms as the 156 appears to make a habit of eating them.

Thankfully the alloys are shod in matching tyres with good tread depth, so that is one expense avoided!

I’ll be ordering up parts this week so expect updates to follow tout suite..




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