Doin’ the 4Litre Shuffle

A new job at the start of the year has put a significant dint in the ability to tinker with old scrap.

The Fabia has been doing sterling work as a motorway mile muncher- surpassing 10,000 miles to date. That said, it is somewhat lacking in refinement and comfort.

This was made especially clear when Mr Dollywobbler drove it.

Ah yes, Mr Wobbler was up from Wales. Why? Well….

Deleting the Daimler

With the downturn in available time, something had to give on the project front. A strict “Last in, first out” policy was applied, and the Daimler was up for the chop.

As luck would have it, Said chap who authors Hubnut was on the lookout for a new car.

A rather last minute plan was hatched, involving a convoluted conveyance of correspondents.

We were to meet and dine on the Friday evening, before retiring to prepare for the day of reckoning.

Soon enough the day arrived and we set to work.

The Daimler has an MOT but was not fit for use due to a fairly heavy fuel leak from the filter area.

The first task was swap one rear tyre over with the spare to allow for actual tread.

Then it was up in the air for a swatch at the leak.

Unfortunately, it was not a filter based leak, rather a bleeding blown return line- a more complicated repair.

Mr Wobbler worked diligently to produce a fuel tight seal with a replacement piece of hose. 

This worked well, except another appeared. A modicum of muttering and a multitude of jubilee clips later, there was fuel passing securely through the lines.

Back together, we topped up the fluids and took a short run to the petrol station.

3miles later, we were roasting ourselves by the heat from the front right wheel:( A sticking caliper causing further misery.

Back to the hoose and we applied much science and percussion as required, eventually getting it to work properly.

With that, the Daimler was off on a 320mile run to Wales. I’m glad to say he made it back in one piece.

Meeting Mason

Having been without a 4L luxury car for 19hrs, I was nearly inconsolable. But my good mate Brian stepped in.

Having purchased an Audi s4 avant for himself, he took pity on my plight and sent me the appropriate remedy.

Enter stage right Mason, the M reg Lexus LS400. Equipped with a 4litre 1UZ v8, it has the shove to provide luxurious high speed cruising.

Initial impressions suggest that Mason and I will get along exceedingly well – infact we have covered 70 odd miles already.

Moreover, with electric seats and electric seatbelt height adjustment (Really!) Coupled to cruise control, I can feel a more comfortable commute coming on this week..

Let’s hope my wallet survives!


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