Tartan Tarmac May 28th

Sometimes, just sometimes, its nice to actually go out and do stuff with cars that doesn’t involve copious levels of swearing and skint knuckles.

Driving can be quite a rewarding experience – especially if you get the chance to meet up with other like-minded folk, and also scoff a roll n slice at the same time. This is where Tartan Tarmac’s meet in Motherwell comes into its own.

Held in a college car park, with plenty of space for a menagerie of cars, its a laid back Sunday morning of a car meet.

Ordinarily, static car shows can be a bit humdrum – with many boring stands, and adenoidal chit chat over “obscure trim revisions in November 1967”. Tartan Tarmac is not like that at all.

Instead, you park where you can, next to godknowswhat and get chatting! The range of cars on show was really diverse – with a multitude of countries represented throughout the show. This also made it easy to fill the couple of hours we spent there – I think my brother and I now have a “Want one of those” gallery in our phones..

A pretty mixed lot of cars here..

We bumped into some good mates, and had a natter before aquiring sustenance from the chuck wagon – shortly thereafter, we stumbled upon some absolute stunners from Italy.  The Montecarlo in particular tickled my fancy – such a purposeful yet elegant design.

OOOOFT! old italian tin for the win!

As regular readers of thes blog will know, we at Fu’utty have a penchant for fast Renaults – the meet aforded me the opportunity to see one of the best up close –  the Clio v6. take a small fwd supermini, and fit it with a v6. In the boot/back seat. Driving the rear wheels.


Yes, Yes, I would indeed have one!

Another bonkers car from a generally sane manufacturer was to be found nearby. Imagine your Gran owned this Honda?

More reliable than Alonso’s steeds of late..

From a megacorp’s supercar, to something a little more niche – a Quantum kitcar.  Not omly that, but the owner was advertising a Rickman Ranger project for sale too – truly living the dream!

Mildly obscure, but definately cool- a Quantum

From the rediculous to the sublime- an LHM and spheres equipped Xantia was on hand to show the modders how to do LOWZ

a “green Goo” Citroen – even Xantias are becoming cool now;)

Lastly, and by no means least – the car of the show for me.

Not a 911, nor any BMW M car. No.


A Buick Skylark. running a 318ci v8 and 2 speed (!) auto.

behold it in this video : https://youtu.be/Jg-6mry1XVE

I very nearly had a WANTGASM..

The v8 I want, next to the v8 I have.

All in all, a great meet!


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