Super Touring Sunday

Last Sunday, two miracles occurred.

Firstly, Knockhill Racing Circuit was to be found bathed in 20degrees worth of sunshine and 0mm of precipitation. 

This may not sound much, but those who know the circuit will understand that this is akin to catering a large event with but a couple of fish and some bread.

I haven’t been to Knockhill properly for a couple of years, and I must say I was properly impressed by the improvements to facilities trackside – the new round circuit path and seating has made a massive difference!

The second miracle could likely be better defined as a small rip on the time/space continuum – the 1990s arrived just after lunch!

Supertourings were out to play in force!

The back of one legend, and the front of another

For anyone too young to remember these cars the first time round, the Supertourings represent the pinnacle of the BTCC racing series in my opinion – they are essentially the Group B of saloon circuit racing!

Huge fields with direct factory teams from a diverse range of manufacturers were the epitome on the “Win on Sunday, Sell on Monday” approach to retailing.

Battles were waged on the track, and on the open road by legions of rep- mobile driving fans. If you had a Vectra, you WERE John Cleland!

If only the 1.4L came with these brakes..

In the 1980s, the Touring Cars were hairy chested rwd oversteery beasts. The 90s ushered in a technical arms race – started by the wholesale shift towards FWD platforms by most manufacturers.

You can see just how crazy it got by looking at the location of the engine in the Volvo v40 below

It may be FWD but its practically Mid-Engined

The sight and sound of the assembled pack making their way to the grid was something to behold!

You can watch it here:

Besides the Supertourings, there was a full programme of racing from a myriad of different series, each filled with drivers pushing (and sometimes rolling ) the limits of their cars. 

Furthermore, there were some properly lovely things in the car park!

Anyway, enough of my inane chatter – time to let the pics do the talking


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