Oilfa Romeo 156

Yesterday evening as I schlepped the 5th tank of the devil’s fuel into this tub, it occurred to me that it was overdue some loving..

We’re about 2400 miles in now and the car has done sterling service – the oil level was OK, but it hoacheth avec les carcinogens.

Duly this morn, I dialled the pet motor factor and secured a £4 oil filter for later collection.

Left work at 4, and got the lump plenty hot on the 45 mile commute in the blazing sunshine.

Arrived at the factors and had to make the cost up to £10 so I could use my card. Overdue wiper blade purchasing tipped it over the line.

Home thereafter, and after a brief ‘diet coke’ moment, I was out the work claes and into the oilwrangling gear.

At that precise moment, God did look down upon me and smite me for my lack of Busso. Much rain, many moist.

I persevered and marvelled at the access. 

The dipstick is handily* placed pretty much at the scuttle- luckily the Pela tube reached.
The filter, not so much. Hot exhaust coupled with the need for double jointed elbows meant slow progress to get it loosened, and a good schlep of oil on the floor.
New filter fitted, I lobbed in some of Asda’s finest 5w30 – the same super duper low ash vw507 spec fully synth as used with the ole Fabia.

Started her up and its about 100db quieter.



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